Sale Starting August 14th

Starting August 14th:

Wait? We’re increasing our sale again?! You heard that right! Everything in store is now 80% off starting August 14th at 10am! The time is now to go to Record Theatre! This is the last time we will be increasing our sale until we close on August 27!


Sale Starting July 31th

Starting July 31st:

We are in the home stretch as the countdown begins! Don’t miss your chance to stock up on your favorite vinyl––60% Off starts Monday, July 31st at 10AM so come swing by! We are still replenishing our inventory daily so you’re bound to get a great deal on all purchases.


Sale Starting July 17th

Starting July 17th:

The Vinyl Countdown Continues. Our next sale starts Monday, July 17 at 10:00am! You know what that means? Everything in store will be 50% OFF!


Sale Starting July 3

Starting July 3rd:

Just for the record, we think you’re all great! That’s why we are increasing our sale to 40% off! You heard that right everything IN STORE is 40% off starting July 3!


Neon Signs

We’re getting rid of everything!

Yes, you heard correctly. EVERYTHING! Including our neon signs! If there is a specific sign you would like, let us know by filling out the contact form below! As we get closer to the sale, we will contact everyone who has filled out the form!

I am interested in purchasing a neon sign


Double Stamp Day

Our last Double Stamp Day before our 30% off Sale begins on Monday, June 19th  will be Wednesday, June 14.  Remember Stamps will be Given out until Sunday, June 18th but sadly no more after that!